Asking after the oblique mystique

“To be with the one I love and to think of something else: this is how I have my best ideas, how I best invent what is necessary to my work. Likewise for the text: it produces, in me, the best pleasure if it manages to make itself heard indirectly…”

This is Barthes’ observation in The Pleasure of the Text.

Why would it be the case, writer, that our best ideas come indirectly? What power lay hidden beneath our floorboards, in the back of the cupboard, waiting for us to grope and grasp at another object altogether so that we may say with surprise, ‘Look what I found’?



      1. Individual Valuations mysterious questions depending on the locality.
        Here, then, a mysterious one dives in and stays until you find something, but it’s worth it to stay(°J°)))

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  1. When a sudden prompt to write about something nudges me, It’s those hidden little sparks thar are the most refreshing to work with. It is always a surprise to me to find out what I have to say. Your words are very inspiring, and your artwork is amazing!

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