End of the World

For Volume IV of his Philosophical Dictionary, Voltaire wrote an entry for ‘End of the World’.

The greater part of the Greek philosophers held the universe to be eternal both with respect to commencement and duration. But as to this petty portion of the world or universe, this globe of stone and earth and water, of minerals and vapors, which we inhabit, it was somewhat difficult to form an opinion; it was, however, deemed very destructible. It was even said that it had been destroyed more than once, and would be destroyed again.

Let this set you free, writer. The end of the world will come again, and then again. Let it come. Hasten it with your words if you dare.

18 thoughts on “End of the World”

      1. Incredibly so. She captures the marvel of existence in just a few lines…I keep coming back to them. There is something magical about the teetering spectacle that is the world -suspended in nothing-, or life -surfing on a sea of entropy-.

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      1. Ah, you probably just mean ‘the end of the world as we know it’ rather than ‘the end full stop’ then. 🙂 Yes, adventure sounds tempting. 🙂


  1. Perhaps “the end of the world as we know it” would be a good thing. Clean out all the rubbish and nonsense, all the hate and bigotry, kick the monetary system into touch and start afresh. Oh and thanks for the “like” on my latest attempt at poetry.

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