“Philosophy may be called a sublime ability to say the obvious, to exhibit what is closest.”

Is there a deep deep down, writer? Is that where we are driving with our words and sounds and paper and scratching?

Thinking on the process of thought, John Robert, the philosopher in Iris Murdoch’s novel The Philosopher’s Pupil says he, “descended into primeval chaos and rose grasping some encrusted treasure which instantly crumbled. He pursued quarries into thickets, into corners, into nets, and at the end found nothing there. … If only he could get down deep enough, grasp the difficulties deep deep down and learn to think in an entirely new way.” (Emphasis in original.)

Is it a folly, or mere romance, to contemplate thinking in an entirely new way? Not thinking ‘about’ but thinking ‘how’. How does the wind think? How does a galah think? How does thinking think?

5 thoughts on ““Philosophy may be called a sublime ability to say the obvious, to exhibit what is closest.””

  1. I think it’s what makes writing great; the self-mining and exposition of the things we find within.

    An odd, introspective museum, that from time to time surrenders a new truth, or at least a new way of seeing a truth.

    Thank you!

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  2. No, no depth, no matter how deep, every one of the scribes has fine feelings and converse avoid four-sided, part of the abrupt statements in background, but encounter, with other soul thoughts is difficult to search for what the foreign powers fasintion ability how fiddles are nice when you look at them, but it is useless if on the wall, just hangs, but ?? Something very different, violin just watch and not hear, …. !! Structurein !! ……
    is only on the wall !!!!
    Great to thank you to you !!!! thank you very much to you today,)))(( ((🎃🎃👻☕️📚👀)))

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