Gather inclination

Are you afflicted with weakness of will, writer?

Do you sometimes suffer the malady of acedia?

What can remedy the bind of listlessness when there is only the want of energy?

Baudelaire suffered acedia. In his journal he wrote,

“In putting off what one has to do, one runs the risk of never being able to do it. In refusing instant conversion one risks damnation.

To heal all things, wretchedness, disease or melancholy, absolutely nothing is required but an inclination for work.”

Can you muster an inclination, writer?

Trust me; it will be enough.

11 thoughts on “Gather inclination”

  1. Trust me; it will be enough.

    Melancholy, It makes you thoughtful, thin-skinned, empathetic – and very creative. Modern time melancholy has a bad image.

    “Melancholy has to do with basic trust – and serenity.”
    the nil-river is a river “this river has flowed for a thousand years and is always the same, 6650 km long remains unchanged if its source is not damaged.” Melancholic beginning of time, especially the millions of people live on their existence – without negligence “,” without negligence (acedia) —–> _:;: _:; _:; _:; _:; _ :; Often has a reason to explain his reasons !!!!!! even later.))((((°J°)((*L*)))

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      1. I tend for their knowledge,
        Please, very happy, !!! the entrance to the understanding has only one direction, only if the historical event were not changed ,,,, if and where the sun comes, they have many thanks. se/nz

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  2. More often, I think a writer feels more like: “Get out of my way, get off of me paper, and hand back my pen! Go and watch the babies, or make dinner if you’re sooo fretful & concerned. Some of us have work to do before we close our eyes.”

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    1. Baudelaire’s idea is that having the inclination to write is the remedy. I read this as wanting to write, desiring to be writing. Inclination seems a good and gentle beginning. Dwell in desire. From desire action can spring. What do you think?

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      1. I have inclination, but not always inspiration. I used to get very anxious whenever I sat down to write. Now I ‘keep it simple and go from there. I’m not along about my blog – that is a stream of consciousness.

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