Ein Buch für Alle und Keinen

Ich wandle unter Menschen als den Bruchstücken der Zukunft: jener Zukunft, die ich schaue.

Und das ist all mein Dichten und Trachten, dass ich in Eins dichte und zusammentrage, was Bruchstück ist und Räthsel und grauser Zufall.

Und wie ertrüge ich es, Mensch zu sein, wenn der Mensch nicht auch Dichter und Räthselrather und der Erlöser des Zufalls wäre!

Die Vergangnen zu erlösen und alles „Es war“ umzuschaffen in ein „So wollte ich es!“ — das hiesse mir erst Erlösung!

(Also sprach Zarathustra, Von Friedrich Nietzsche)


Gathering by writing creates unity from the pain and chaos. Zarathustra claimed this as his rescue, his deliverance. Let that power into your words today writer. Turn every fact of the past into the acquiescence of your command. Be brave. Make it so.


“I walk among people as among the fragments of the future: the future into which I glance.

And it is with all my poetry and aspiration that I write into unity, as I gather the fragments and the riddles, and the terrible accidents.

And how can I endure being human, if each person were not also a poet and a riddle-reader and the Redeemer of accidents!

To redeem the past and to change everything from ‘It was’ into an ‘I wanted it so!’—that alone means redemption to me!

(Thus Spoke Zarathustra, from Friedrich Nietzsche)

18 thoughts on “Ein Buch für Alle und Keinen”

      1. No, I don’t know, it seemed intuitive at the time but now you seem right–there’s no loss of dignity in admitting that.

        I guess perhaps, you wouldn’t want to take the blame for things forced upon you, unless it boosts your sense of self-control.

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  1. Writing, in a way, is both salvation and damnation. It’s like breathing inverted; sometimes we inhale poison to exhale life-giving fumes. If we are confused, maybe the opposite. Writing is a way to start and continue living, and dying, as opposed to just being.
    Thank you for this post!

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      1. The structure of your thoughts and the progression of your illustrations is refreshing. You move from a state of the spirit to the physicality of the body in a satisfying way. But I was struck by your idea that “Writing is a way to start and continue living, and dying, as opposed to just being.” Living AND dying. Most people don’t think like that.

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      2. Aha, I see. Well, I have to admit that it’s taken me some time to think like this. I was raised in a family that never talked about death; I came to realise later on that that was unhealthy. it removes half of the equation, half of the argument. I firmly believe now that there can’t be one without the other, and that both give some sense to our odd reality. It’s really a question of being able to see the stars (“E quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle…” Dante); you couldn’t without the darkness. And who would voluntarily give up the stars?

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