Thorough rebuke, all you proud poets

Are you writing what needs to be written? It takes guts, and balls, to do so.

Take, for example, Gwerful Mechain (1460–1502); a medieval Welsh poet who wrote Poem to the Vagina as a correction to the canon of poems about women, and women’s bodies, that neglect the quim.


Cywydd y Cedor (Extract from Poem to the Vagina)

You are a body of boundless strength,
a faultless court of fat’s plumage.
I declare, the quim is fair,
circle of broad-edged lips,
it is a valley longer than a spoon or a hand,
a ditch to hold a penis two hands long;
cunt there by the swelling arse,
song’s table with its double in red.
And the bright saints, men of the church,
when they get the chance, perfect gift,
don’t fail, highest blessing,
by Beuno, to give it a good feel.
For this reason, thorough rebuke,
all you proud poets,
let songs to the quim circulate
without fail to gain reward.

What does your world say you must not write? What are you denied to write?

Write it.

29 thoughts on “Thorough rebuke, all you proud poets”

  1. Brilliant!
    I had no idea that this kind of poetry existed in the 15th century!
    As for what the world said I shouldn’t write…well…the act of writing in general was -and still is- somewhat discouraged in my neck of reality.
    My weekly short stories are something of a rebellion and hammer I bring to the shackles of my mind.

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  2. I’m the only one in my writing group who likes to write ghost and creature stories. Bless their hearts, they are so kind about it, but they cringe every time they read one of my stories. Still, it just wouldn’t be ME if I tried to write romance or something.

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  3. I write about what I want to and not what others think I should write about. I like to write poetry that has a message but doesn’t necessarily address a particular topic. I like to have fun with words and phrases. Thank you for following BrewNSpew.

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  4. I write about my raw feelings, as interpreted through fictional characters. It is a way for me to take views to their extreme end. For example, for a long time I held a lot of frustration toward women. I wouldn’t say I was a misogynist, but I was borderline. I chose to explore that anger through an anonymous fictional character in my novella MAYBE THE DREAM KNOWS WHAT IS REAL. He lashed out in violent ways because, in a fictional story that I was writing, I could make it so he didn’t face the consequences of his actions. For me, it was a powerful, therapeutic story to write, but not many others see it that way. I let another fellow writer read it, and he said, “If you insist on being antagonistic toward women in all your fiction, then I’m not your audience.” I wrote back and said, “I don’t ‘insist’ on anything. The story came out the way it came out. To write it any other way would have seemed phony to me.”

    Honestly, I don’t understand his attitude. People and feelings like that DO exist, so…I’m not supposed to write about what’s real? Doesn’t make sense to me, but then again, my story didn’t make sense to him. So to each their own. I write what I write. I don’t apologize for it.

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    1. I second this! I wrote a poem a little while back from the perspective of an abuser and oh boy! I felt like I was the shittiest man on Earth after I posted that, being told that I was sick and needed help. Yet I was drawing inspiration from some shitty people I knew in my life as well as some exaggerated feelings I had at times when I was angry. It was called “Abuse You”. In the end, I had to tone down the language on the abuser side, and add a victim’s response just for it to be accepted . Lmao. I thought everyone would appreciate it for being raw.

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  5. I love this. To be honest lately I have been thinking of starting a second anonymous blog where I could say what I am not saying on the one I have.
    I can feel myself editing what I am publishing because of certain people I know will read it although most of what I am trying to say is written between the lines if anyone cared to interpret.
    Thank you for writing this it makes me look again at my inner editor and the walls I erect.

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      1. I’ll have to reread them. Hang on. Oh, about the pulled pork burger, yes. I ripped into it while I was writing the poem and somehow it popped onto the greasy page. I’ve just put up a new post which your words encouraged me to be a little more forthcoming

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  6. Nice poem. I like it. The poet has successfully overcome potential vulgarity through visual and good symbolism. t is what I call good articulation. Maybe I will write my own version of it… Thanks for sharing! p.s There is no such thing in art as taboo.. at least not for an artist.

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  7. I want to write about being constantly afraid and not knowing what the hell to do about anything. But a) that’s not how guys my age were brought up; and b) I fear (ha!) that if I start, I won’t be able to stop, and Lord only knows what will come out. Help! N.

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