If experience ruptures your philosophy of life let writing be your constant

The grace of writing is an allowance for change.

You, writer, are not stuck.

You are not trapped.

Take, for example, Dionysius the Deserter, sometimes also called Dionysius the Renegade (330-250BCE). He was a Stoic philosopher, poet and author of multiple books on apathy, training exercises (askesis), pleasure (hedone), freedom from the passions (apatheia), how to live, prosperity, kings, praise and barbaric culture.

Confronted with the pain of severe eye inflammation, Dionysius renounced stoicism. According to the biographical entry in Diogenes’ Lives of Eminent Philosophers, Dionysius “suffered so severely, he could not pronounce pain a thing indifferent.”

Instead, Dionysius concluded that pleasure is the chief good of life. He indulged his remaining years, as a Cyrenaic, in all manner of bodily luxuries and sensual pleasures.

And he wrote.

10 thoughts on “If experience ruptures your philosophy of life let writing be your constant”

      1. Of course! Don’t get me wrong, I totally agree…it’s just not something you hear every day (and the comedian in me feels like he wants to make an endless series of jokes based on eye comedy…I apologize for him, by the way).

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  1. I thought my cycling days were over when I learned I’d developed osteoarthritis in my knees aged 40. Bought an electric bike. Never looked back. Unfortunately, there are no such easy remedies to the political agonies being inflicted on us in the UK right now. All previous frames of reference and modes of thinking seem utterly redundant in the face of current events. I literally have no idea what, or how, to think. Interesting times. Nick.

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    1. Electric bikes make long-distance riding a pleasure, don’t they? The state of tension in the UK has gone on for such a long time now. Surely a resolution, one way or another, will come? When do you get a new Prime Minister?


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